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Cricut Cartridges

Cricut Cartridges can be used with Provocraft original Cricut machine, Cricut Create and the Cricut Expression machine. Almost all Cricut cartridges are compatible with most/all Cricut machines.

Browse through the awesome Cricut Cartridge selection here:

Click on any of your favorite cricut cartridges to find great prices and information on that cartridge will be displayed. Some times you can snag a Cricut Cartridge for as low as $10.

Cricut Cartridges at a Clearance price:

Cricut Cartridges at a Clearance price below $20:


Used Cricut Cartridges for Sale:

You can find information on how to Cricut, how to scrap, how to make cards with the Cricut Cartridges, how to use Cricut Cartridges, videos, tutorials on Cricut Cartridges and more!

Finding Deals on CartridgeCricut.com

Cricut cartridges and various Cricut machines can sometimes be hard to find and finding good deals is a challenge! Our website caters to both finding bargain deals on Cricut Cartridges/Cricut Machines and also tutorials on how to Cricut, and how to use Cricut Cartridges.

Provo Craft is the company which makes Cricut Cartridges, Cricut Machines like Cricut Expression, Cricut Cake, etc and are in huge demand by scrappers all over the world. Cricut Cartridges come with some of the best shapes,designs, cuts and makes in amazingly easy on even a new scrapper to get things going.

Most stores like Michaels, Jo Ann, Walmart etc almost never have sales on these most sought after Cricut Cartridges and Cricut Machines. And they can get expensive and some of the cricut machines are in the hundreds.

Finding some of the cheap cricut cartridges is hard to find and we can help you find bargain and discount Cricut Cartridges on our website by having a separate page for each Cricut Cartridge. Click on the right hand side links to find out!

Hard to find Cricut Cartridges & Seasonal Cricut Cartridges

When you buy the Cricut Machines like the Cricut Expression and the Personal die cut cricut machines, they come with 1 to 2 basic cartridges. There are several Cricut Cartridges which are sold separately from the basic cricut cartridges you receive when you buy the Cricut Machines. These cricut cartridges can run up to atleast $50 or more because they are so sought after by many scrappers.

The high costs usually are not a deterrent to most scrap lovers. They love scraping and pay huge amounts of money on die cut machines and cricut cartridges. Cricut machines can do wonders and it pays for itself in no time!

Places  to find Cheap Cricut Cartridges, Cricut Machines, Bags,  & Accessories?

There are several places to find cheap deals on Cricut Cartridges, Cricut Machines & Accessories. Places to look out for your local Jo Ann, Staples, Michaels and Walmart. Michaels does have some good sales, but the Michaels coupons usually do not work on Cricut products. One of the best places to find awesome deals on Cricut cartridges/machines is online, on Amazon

What we have done on our website is categorized all cricut cartridges and cricut machines based on the price (lowest to highest priced items).  Browse the list to the right side of this page and you will find awesome prices on Cricut Cartridges and Cricut machines.

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