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A Child’s Year

Child’s Year  Cricut Cartridge Review:

A Cricut machine comes with different cartridges that may be made available when you purchase a cutting machine or you can buy it separately. Provo Craft also make different cartridges every month so that valued customers could have more choices in creating their craft. One cartridge in particular is called a child’s year cricut cartridge.

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A Child’s Year  Cricut Cartridge Features:

The Child’s Year Cricut cartridge captures all the sweetest childhood memories in silhouettes. If you want to remember every childhood memory, this is a must-have cartridge for you. This cartridge has 6 creative features: a Monogram, Icon, card, Tag, font, and shadow creative features. You can use this cartridge in any Cricut machine that you own. It has 100 intricate designs with shadows, coordinating cards and tags and it contains monogram and fonts with phrases. Paper artist Sharyn Sowell’s inspiration is in the time-honored style of German Scherenschnitte silhouettes.

Since the ‘A child’s year’ cricut cartridge is designed for capturing childhood memories it is best in making baby books, thank you card’s, birthday cards and so much more that you cannot get your hands off it.

This cartridge offers very cute and intricate designs and will always be helpful in making cards in different kinds of celebrations. This really suits the taste of parents out there because the designs available with the cartridge are sweet and is very pleasing to the eyes, with silhouettes; it will surely melt your heart out.

Given the images that are present in this cartridge, I believe that we can use it not only for baby books and cards but also for room decorations, bulletin boards, ornaments for a Christmas tree and school projects. The images are so cute and well done that you could not resist looking at it.

A child’s year cricut cartridge does not only give life to children’s special days but also for the young at heart too. Having images cutout from this cartridge gives each and everyone a chance to reminisce their special moments and relive them day by day. Provo Craft made everything possible through this cartridge, like time travelling. With every cutout coming from this cartridge it would always seem magical. Provo Craft captured the best moments in life, and that is during childhood when everything is beautiful.

So far this cartridge is one of the best cartridges that were ever made by Provo Craft.

A Child’s Year Cricut Cartridge Review:

I have a silhouette of myself as a youth and saw this cartridge. I’ve actually picked it up many times at the stores, and patiently waited until it went on sale. I’m glad I got it. The boy cutout has a slight resemblance of my son’s profile – so I used that on a few thank you cards. I’ve used the cutouts of the child’s activities on other cards – making Happy Birthday, Thinking of you, Remember when… This cartridge is nostalgic and when you use funky print paper – gives it a modern twist.

The Cakes/add ons are useful for other projects. No matter what cartridge I’m using/project, I’ve always come back to this one to add on a final touch. I made a Happy Birthday banner with the font from this, and used a few cut outs of the candles, cupcakes and party hats. I received a lot of wows and oooohhhhs. My next project, I’m going to get some felt and cut out some images and frame them as art in our bathroom. I’ll be changing out the images in relation to the month so that will keep the decoration fresh and interesting.

How to Use A Child’s Year Cricut Cartridge Video:

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