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All Mixed Up

all mixed up cartridge

all mixed up cartridge

If most of the cartridges specialize in images, embellishments and design patterns then this one is different. If you want to make your crafting projects have something different then this card is for you. Cynthea Sandoval with Provo Craft made the All Mixed-up cricut cartridge for those who want to enjoy different and playful font styles ideal for all sorts of crafting projects.

All mixed up cartridge REVIEW: 

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This cartridge’s measurement capabilities ranges from 1 to 5 ½ inch. The cartridge includes square, circle, Tag, Silhouette, Shadow, Shadow blackout creative features. It also includes a keyboard overlay, and a handbook to help you understand on how to use this particular cartridge. It contains complete Alphabet set (font styles are available in both uppercase and lowercase letters), a complete numeric set, a wide range of special characters, tags, phrases, and titles.



The font styles of this cartridge is appropriate for all sorts of playful and children’s craft. This is also one of those cartridges that you must own to make your collection of cartridges complete. Since this cartridge covers a very wide range of crafting possibilities, you will be surprised on how often you pick and use this in whatever projects you do and may do. From this cartridge you can make enticing birthday cards, thank you cards, get well cards and so much more. This can be used in Cricut personal cutter, Cricut Expression, and Cricut Create.

By using this cartridge, you will realize on how important this cartridge is to you. Because of this cartridge you can add playfulness to everything that you say. You can customize every number and letter to your heart’s content. Examples of the available phrases are girl, boy, baby, sweet and so much more.

You can explore many things using this cartridge. You can create a whole new look to your cards. Isn’t it amazing? People will love the layers offered by this cartridge. With the shadow, blackout and silhouettes, what else would you need? No one can ever satisfy you and make your crafting experience better like what Provo Craft does.

I also found out that, with the help of Provo Craft’s cutting machines and other cartridges can start a business. A lot of people have been complimented on how great artworks made with Cricut are. Some them were offered to make a profit with these machines. It will surely be a great investment of money and time. You enjoy your crafting experience while earning money.

Customer  review is from: Cricut Cartidge, All Mixed Up (Kitchen)

All Mixed Up is by far my favorite font cart!! I use it all the time! The sihoutte feature is alittle difficult to work with but makes a very unique look. The thickness of the letter with the “shadow” feature on, help your words make a very “BOLD” statement and stands out well.

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