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Cricut Create Machine

Cricut Cutting Machines made by Provo Craft is a cutting machine that helps you make creative cut outs ideally for different types of occasions. It is a very helpful tool because it is not only energy efficient but also time saving. Imagine cutting out a series of different shapes in different sizes in just a few seconds. You can use it anytime you want because it is very portable.

The Cricut Create Machine measures 17.5 x 9.5 x 12.2 inches and only weighs 16 pounds. So it combines the portability of the original cricut machine but with functions that may be alike of the Cricut Expression machine. The difference is that the Cricut Create machine allows you to cut fro 0-1/4-inch up to 11 ½ -inch by a 12 inch cutting mat that is provided with the machine.

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What are the features included in a Cricut Create Machine?

You may ask what features it has that makes it more desirable to own. Well, when you buy this product there are some accessories included to make it more fun to use. It h an 8-way directional blade, it as functions like the Portrait mode, Fit to page mode, Auto fill Mode, Center point function and a Flip Function. These functions are developed to provide what you need in different types of occasions and also to create art in a more innovative way. It also includes the Don Juan font and shape cartridge, one 6-inch by 12-inch cutting mat that already has measurements so that, it would be easier for you to make alignments, and the necessary chords and manuals are already available to guide you throughout the whole process of creative cutting. The Cricut Create Machine is also compatible with the all the cartridges from Cricut original products.

How does a Cricut Create Machine work?

First, you have to turn on the cricut machine and install the cartridge that you would want o use. Second, you have to set the paper of your choice on the provided cutting mat and you do not have t worry because the mat is sticky all you have to do is just place the paper correctly. Third, insert the cutting mat with paper into the machine with the arrow on the top of the mat facing the machine. Fourth, select the letters or the shapes that you would want to use and since the Cricut Create Machine has new functionalities, you can use them anytime you want. Fifth, if you have done the desired outcome, just press cut and the machine will be the one to cut out the shape or letter of your choice. After the machine h finished cutting your desired design, click on the eject button so as to release the mat. Lastly, lift of the paper that was cut out by the machine from the cutting mat and then everything is done.

See? Using the Cricut Create machine is very easy; you do not have to do anything that would take time and energy. Well, Cricut machines are designed to do this.

Cricut Create Machine Review

This review is from: Cricut Create Machine

A fantastic tool for many types of crafters. The Cricut Create will cut up to a 6×12 inch object. Since you don’t need a computer, you can easily put it on any crafting table you’re using, or carry it with you for “crafting get-togethers”. I buy blank recycled type cards/envelopes and make my own greeting cards, and can also decorate those inexpensive recycled brown paper bag gift bags. There are very many cartridges for shapes and many for fonts, and some do both. School teachers will find a variety of cartridges very suited to the classroom. There are also cartridges with businesses in mind. You can decorate walls, canisters, make paper dolls, etc. I recently made a hunting birthday card for my son-in-law using the Camp Out cartridge. Crafters will love this machine.

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