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Cricut Expression Machine

Another Product from the Cricut series is the Cricut Expression machine. It helps you cut out even larger decorations that can be displayed at home, at the office or at the school or use for wedding and birthday invitations This is a more complex machine that of other Cricut machines. Why? Let’s find out.

The Cricut Expression compared to the Cricut Create is far more versatile. There are even more additional functionalities because Provo Craft figured out that the demand for even better cutouts and designs are increasing so they found a way to answer this demand, the Cricut Expression. It’s dimension are 21.5 in x 7 in x 7.75 in and weighs 12.6 lbs.

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What are the Functionalities of the Cricut Expression?

What’s interesting about the cricut Expression is that the cutting mat is upgraded in this version and now you can cut large pieces of art ranging from a 12 x 12 inch mat to 12 x 24 inch mat. Like other Cricut Machines the Cricut Expression machine does not need a computer just to work, we all know that it is an independent machine. Also, just like other Cricut machines you can use the cartridges from other Cricut Machines which is very convenient.

Other functionalities include: Portrait or Landscape position of the paper, general settings that you could use such as language and units of measure, which is good because you can cut out letters from 4 different languages, it has 6 timesaving modes, new 8-way navigation of the cutting blade which means that it allows you to easily reposition the cutting blade. It also has a new LCD screen which shows what you are typing for your next cut out and shows you where in the mat the image is positioned.

How to use a Cricut Expression Machine?

First, click the power button to get started. After turning it on insert the cartridge in the slot and make sure that the logo is facing you or look at the screen and see if it says that you have inserted it correctly (you can use cartridge from other Cricut machine series, it depends upon what you desire), Get a paper of the desired width and length and place it on the sticky cutting mat, click the load paper button to start with the cutting, after which, if you have placed the cutting mat you can start cutting your designs by clicking the cut button, and voila! The cut outs are already done.

As you can see, these machines are designed to provide convenience to people who like scrapbooking and art, you can choose whatever style you want because Provo Craft has provided different cartridges that matches our taste; it’s for you to decide which is which and because of the popularity that was gained by the creator of the Cricut Cutting Machines, Provo Craft upgraded the Cricut Expression Machine and now, The Cricut Expression 2 machine is also available. An even better cutting machine of the original series.

 Cricut Expression Machine Review

I got this as a gift for Christmas. I bought all the accessories, including the deeper blade. I found that the machine does not cut chip board as the product claims. It also does not cut quilting fabric. Both of which are demonstrated on the DVD provided. I spent another $40 attending a class at a local scrapbooking store using the Cricut Expressions. I am glad I did this because it reassured me that I was not a slow learner. The instructor also had problems trying to get the machine to perform, and the instructions provided were very vague and poorly written. When I have called the customer service at Provo Craft the “tech” did not know how to use the machine, and was not helpful. On the up side, I did buy the software package, on sale. The software has been essential for me to be able to use the cartridges. I agree that all the Cricut products are way over priced, especially when there is little or no customer support. Save your money and buy ready made die cuts.

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