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Cricut Imagine

Cricut Imagine Review:

Technology served a very great part in the lives of the people throughout the world. Inventors and creative minds compete with each other just to provide what is best or what can make life easy, that’s why they find ways on how to develop and increase the convenience in the lives of the many. Some think outside the box and some cannot keep up with the fast paced development that is happening around the globe. For Provo Craft, change is good. You know what they did? They partnered with one of the leading information technology corporation in the world,  HP or also called as the Hewlett-Packard. The result? A masterpiece.

Provo Craft brings you the Cricut Imagine Cutting and Printing Machine. Not only can you cut out your favorite shapes and letters, now you can have vivid and colorful patterns in your cut-outs too!

Cheapest prices on the Cricut Imagine:

The Cricut Imagine with the dimensions of 17 x 26.2 x 11.2 inches and weighs 33.8 pounds is a combination of a computer printer and a cutting machine when used offers a great satisfaction to the people who love art. It is a complete package, a state-of-the-art machine. You can now print pictures without using your computer and laptop and at the same time cut-out different shapes and letters without even straining your hands. Where can you find that?

What Provo Craft and HP must be proud about is how the machine turned out; it looks very sleek and stylish and is aesthetically pleasing. Because of this, the Ciricut Imagine have over passed all other Cricut machines when it comes to functionality. Although as the machines were upgraded, they have their own uniqueness in each of them.

As you purchase the product, it comes with the things needed to start with the process. It has a free black and colored ink cartridge for the printer that means you have to purchase ink cartridges when these went out. Because you can print and color images, you can also easily choose between colors to match the paper that you are using with the help of the color wheel and/or the RGB functionality. It can easily add precise layers to your cut-outs like never before. Unlike the previous LCD screens from other Cricut cutting machines, the Imagine’s screen is easier to navigate and does not require great skills. Also, you can use design cartridges that came from other Cricut machines that means you can design whatever you want.Manuals and chords come along with the product.

How to start with the Cricut Imagine?

Turn on the machine, then insert the ink cartridges to the slot that can be found in the compartment behind the machine. After doing so, get the 12 x 12 sticky cutting mat(cannot use cutting mats from the previous versions) and place the paper to mat. Put the mat in the machine, arrow must be facing the machine and hold it for a while until the machine gets hold of it. Then the machine will test its printing and cutting capabilities. After the test run, you can use your Cricut Imagine s you wish.

Cricut Imagine Review:

I have had my Imagine for 3 weeks. It was fairly easy to learn how to use it but I am dismayed that Cricut would market something with so many glitches and problems. The size selection buttons are annoying and, on occasion, will NOT respond to your poke-commands. The mat is not very sticky and because the item you are printing/cutting is always placed in the upper left corner, loses its ability to hold the paper fairly quickly. Most annoying is the machine tends to turn itself off and back on half way through the print/cut process. I either have to scrap what has been printed and start again or cut it out myself with scissors. It seems this machine was put on the market before it was well tested and the problems worked out. It’s a wonderful idea. I would wait awhile to buy one and hope that Cricut makes some improvements.

Cricut Imagine Video:

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