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Cricut Mini Personal Electronic Cutter

Cricut Mini Personal Electronic Cutter Review:

Provo Craft made another interesting machine that would surely make people enjoy their hobbies in craft making and scrapbooking, the Cricut Mini Personal Electronic Cutter. It is a light- weight and a space saving machine unlike any other Cricut cutting machines.

The Cricut Mini Personal Electronic Cutter can be used with a computer and works with Mac or Windows software. Provo Craft created this for people who want to make designs for themselves without using the cartridges that are provided when purchasing other Cricut cutting machines, which means that this machine will work in making do-it yourself projects.

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Features of a Cricut Mini Personal Cutter

All you have to do is connect to the Cricut Craft Room Application; the online design tool for Cricut Mini, and there you will find the Cricut Cartridge library (it includes over 150 original Cricut cartridges with several new cartridges introduced each month). It stores all the designs virtually from all the cartridges available for use in other Cricut cutting machines.

Another advantage that comes with this light weight and space-saving cutting machine is that, it can work in different kinds of surfaces such as vinyl, thick and thin paper, fabric, sticker paper, magnetic material, craft foil and other materials. You will surely enjoy your self-made projects like decorations for your home, office and school.

The Cricut Mini Personal Electronic Cutter is capable of cutting crafts ranging from ¼ inch up to 11 ¼ inch. The mat size for this Mini Cutter is 8 ½ x 12 inch. As you can see, Provo Craft never stops in providing simple machines that would surely make everything work in an accurate and fast manner.

So how does this Cricut mini electronic cutting machine work?

You just have to connect the Cricut Mini cutter machine into the computer, then turn on the machine, connect online(wireless or with cable it doesn’t matter) and go to the Cricut Craft Room Application, log-in with your cricut.com account and everything you need will be there.

Steps as easy as these, will undoubtedly impress people on how this little machine can work wonders in ways you never thought would be possible. The Cricut Mini Personal Electronic cutter is a gift from Provo Craft to their valued customers. If you have friends who are aspiring to be a more creative person, introduce them to Provo Craft because we always find ways to provide what you need in an innovative and imaginative manner.

Having this simple machine is not going to be a disappointment because it offers world class functionalities and is designed to fit your personality. Provo Craft is always happy to satisfy its customers by providing them what they deserve. Provo Craft specializes in developing cutting edge machines that would replace other machines in the best way possible. So for people out there who are willing to make Provo Craft Products one of their own, you are especially welcome to join our family. We are happy to have you as one of our members.

Cricut mini electronic cutting machine Review:

This little cricut mini electronic cutting machine is amazing. I had the Craft Room before receiving the Mini and it was so easy to set up. The only thing is I wish they would have more cuts available at reasonable prices online. I would definitely be willing to buy more of what I like, not what I have to take. Sorry, but some of the cuts NEVER get used, what a waste. I do appreciate that they are giving us online images…just give us more options. Overall, the Mini is a nice little machine. Thanks Provo Craft…another amazing product.

Cricut mini electronic cutting machine Video:

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