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Cricut Cuttlebug Machine

The Cuttlebug machine is a die-cutting and emboss machine that would be perfectly fit with your scrapbooks and albums. Having different Provo Craft Machines with you will be a very good way to show your creativity and artistry. Using them altogether will create a masterpiece. The Cuttlebug machine is now one of Provo Craft’s unending lists of versatile and innovative machines that are made available just for you.

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What can a Cricut Cuttlebug machine do?

A Cuttlebug machine can cut and emboss your paper with the designs that come with it when you purchase the product. It is available in different patterns and a variety of sizes that will suit your taste.Provo Craft has hired the best craft artists to make this must-have machine, it offers precise cuts and embossed patterns that can make scrapbooking and craft making even more exciting!

Features of the Cuttlebug Machine

When you purchase the product, it will come with a Spacer A, 3 cutting pads (2 B cutting pads and 1 C cutting pad) and an instruction booklet.

The Cuttlebug machine can cut and emboss through different types of surfaces and materials. It also accepts dies that you already have, making it even more practical. Since the Cuttlebug machine is tiny, you can save a lot more space compared to other die cutting and embossing machines and you can bring it wherever you want because of its fold and store feature. This machine also does not require electricity so you don’t have to plug it in and out if you need to use it. You just have to turn the built-in pop-out handle to make it work, and it would not even break you a sweat.

How to use a Cuttlebug machine?

It is very simple; you do not even need a manual to learn on how to use it.

You need to lower the platforms which can be found at the sides of the Cuttlebug machine.

Put the Spacer A pad on top of the platform where the pads must enter. Then, put one B cutting pad on top of it. If you want to emboss, get a hold of paper, put it between the provided embossing patterns and place it on top of the B pad and cover it with another B pad. After you placed everything, turn the built-in pop-out handle until the cutting pads go out on the other side of the machine. It’s that simple. After that you have a paper that is embossed with beautiful patterns.

Not only that this Cuttlebug machine is space saving and energy efficient but it is also cheap, so for those who have creative minds out there, this machine is a must-have for you! For Provo Craft believes that being creative is not expensive. Investing your money in products such as this is a great bargain. Have one now!

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5.0 out of 5 stars Gotta have it, September 1, 2008

Cuttlebug Review:

This is an excellent product for scrapbooking with affordable dies to buy. I use my sizzlets in this machine and they work fine. I can put four of them in at one time. The embossing dies are great and they don’t need that much pressure from this machine to give you a crisp image. If you’re on a budget, then this machine is a must. It is very versatile. Some people say they have trouble keeping it from moving but I set it on a laminate countertop, hold the top(where the lifting handle is) down with one hand while I’m cranking. The dies stay in place–no shifting. Keep the instructions handy. I have to go back to them for reference (senior moments). No regrets.

How to Use a Cricut Cuttlebug Video:

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