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Are you tired of going to a shop and have them book bind something for you? Are you not satisfied with the results after it is book bonded? Then Provo Craft’s YourStory is the right machine for you. With this, you can create personalized books, journals and albums all by yourself.

Provo Craft’s YourStory is a thermal book binder with great versatility. It is perfect for creating unique crafts for you. Other than being a book binder the YourStory machine is also a laminator, so if you have pictures or cards that are precious to you or you want to protect it from getting wet or damagd then you can also use the YourStory.

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What are the functionalities of Provo Craft’s YourStory?

The YourStory machine measures 6.75 x 18.5 x 5.5 inches and only weighs 4.17 pounds.

It has a dual function, one as a book binder and second is a laminator that is perfect for scrapbooking and other artwork. It goes with themed kits that match in whatever events or holidays you may have. Since it has an unmatched versatility in it won field it is recommended being used by first- timers and veterans alike. Provo Craft’s YourStory makes book binding and laminating easier for you. Its end results are clean and professional making books, scrapbooks, and albums look their very best. Another thing that is great when you purchase the YourStory machine is that, it goes with a wide range of laminating pouches and pre-finished hard book and album covers. It has a 12-inch capacity making it great in using for projects and crafts.

The package also contains accessories such as an 11 x 8.5 inch album cover, one 8 x 8 inch album cover, six 11.5 x 9 inch laminating pouches, 11 pre painted pages, three sticker sheets and a user manual to guide you throughout the use of the YourStory machine.

How does YourStory work?

Turn on the YourStory machine. There are two functions which are the bind and laminate. To bind an album or a book, first turn on the machine and then, cover your book or album with your desired cover. Inside the album, you need to make sure that the pages are touching the glue at the edge of the cover. Place the book in the YourStory machine, and press the ‘bind’ button that can be found at the top of the machine. Wait until the machine beeps, because it means that everything is done. Let it cool down for a few minutes just to make sure that the pages are well bond, and that’s it!

To laminate you must layer your desired material. For example a photo, put the photo between two laminating pouches so that it would cover the back and the front of the photo. When you are done with the layers just put it in the machine and then press the ‘laminate’ button. If you hear a beep, it means that it is already done. Leave it for a few minutes to make sure that the laminating pouches is stuck with the photo. Then, it is done.

Provo Craft made another machine that would make photo binding and laminating easier. You don’t have to go to a store and get your stuff laminated and have unfavorable results. With the aid of the YourStory, anything is the tip of your hands and you can use it anytime you want.

YourStory machine Reviews:

I have used this to gather up photos and paper stuff that I want to keep. I hated the idea of trying to decide what to do with all the nice little paper memories I cherish. This machine helps you make little books out of awards, drawings, vacation pamplets and photos and lovely little cards. I used it at my nursing job to make little guide books for procedures we don’t do very often or to help new nurses learn about procedures.

YourStory Video: How to Laminate with YourStory

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