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Yudu is yet another machine made by Provo Craft. It is a screen-printing machine that helps you put permanent images in different kinds of materials. They developed this to help people express who they are in an even more unique manner. With the Yudu screen printer you can make whatever unique designs you wish to make and print them without getting messy or consume much time. Provo Craft is clever enough to come up with this machine because of the advantages that it could offer. Making crafts such as t-shirt printing and home decorations a hobby. Friends will be awed having crafts made out of this screen printing machine.

Cheapest prices on Yudu machine:

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Features of Yudu:

The Yudu measures 32. 7 inches wide, 11 inchs high, 21.8 inches deep and weighs around 31.6 pounds. Although the machine is a little bit big, you can enjoy endlessly the benefits that it can offer.

When you purchase the product, it goes with a mesh screen, emulsion sheet, squeegee, adult t-shirt platen, platen adhesive sheet, blank ink-jet transparency, and 2 ounce bottle of black ink. This is basically everything you need. In the package it also includes an instructional DVD and a user manual, to help you make your way in the entire process. The control panel is easy to use. But in order to get access to the fan and the printer, the Yudu machine must be connected to the computer and an ink jet printer.

How do you use Provo Craft’s Yudu Screen printer?

First in order to print something, you must need a design that you want to print. The easiest way is to use the computer and search for the desired design for your project and print it in the transparency sheet or you may even need Cricut cutting machines to cut out images even more accurately. What you need to do next is to create a screen using the image that you have chosen and an emulsion sheet. Apply the emulsion sheet in the mesh screen and use water for the process. After that, you should place it in the drying rack so that it would dry up. Now, it is time to apply the image and expose it so that the image would permanently stick to the screen.

When this process is done, the image is now ready to be printed in a tablecloth, a t-shirt or a paper. Place the desired material in a Yudu platen so as to avoid the material moving and end up ruining your project. Place the screen in the machines hinged lid and fill the surface with paint (you may put a little bit at the start to avoid over using the paint) while the Yudu’s top is raised slightly. Set the screen down on the object that you wish to print and use the squeegee to expose the design through the mesh of the image. Printing the material is now finished. Then set it somewhere that it won’t be disturb to avoid smudging it and let the print dry for a few minutes.

Another masterpiece made by Provo Craft!

Yudu Reviews

While the machine is convenient to use, you need to be aware of some of the issues. I followed the tutorial online step by step. I wasted both emulsion sheets in the process. Being a beginner, the tutorial shows a woman using a spray bottle generously to get the emulsion sheet attached to the screen. She then lets the emulsion dry in 20 minutes. I tried this, and the emulsion was still wet, so I gave it another 20 minutes.

After coming back, it was still a little wet, but I was unsure if it became “too dry” whether or not the plastic would become cemented to emulsion. The instructions included are vague, and make this process seem a quick step by step without giving any word of potential issues. This happened to both emulsions, before I realized on the second emulsion that it took way longer than 20 minutes to dry this. Once again, I followed both the instructions and the book, and they both made it seem that one 20 minute cycle (hitting the fan and walking away) was how to handle the emulsion.

My issue at this point is that I live on Long Island, with 2 JoAnn’s, and 3 Michaels and 2 AC Moore’s all within 25 miles of me. I have driven to each and every story every other day for the last week, and none of them sell emulsion sheets. I tried contacting Yudu, and after explaining my problems, they told me the only place these emulsions were available were at JoAnn’s and HSN. Anyway, if you consider using this product, just be aware of the potential problems that come along with it. If you mess this up, Yudu won’t help you, and if there is no emulsion available in stores, you are SOL. I wish I could give you an idea of what the shirt came out like, except I couldn’t get past the drying process.

Yudu Video “First Yudu Printing”:

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